Are you a 501c Nonprofit?

Not yet. Right now we’re just a small group of people on a mission. We are still in the early stages of forming a nonprofit organization. Currently, we are devoting all of our free time and resources to this cause while also working other full time jobs. With the help of others who share our mission, we would like to grow Cut the Cage into an official nonprofit organization with full time staff. We’ve secured both domains: and We are using our .com domain so that we do not misrepresent the current stage of our mission. We can’t wait to launch our .org domain and devote ourselves to this important cause full time. With your help, we can start now! Please help by donating to this project.

The Board:

Although we’re not officially a nonprofit organization, we have put together a board of 5 volunteers who are passionate about this cause. We felt it was important to form a board before accepting donations for two reasons… To be a non-profit organization, regulations require a Board of five members who are not related more than 50% by blood or business. They must hold meetings. And secondly, 5 heads are better than one. This project needs as many volunteers as possible. When accepting donations for a cause, we believe it’s important that funds are voted on and directed towards the most efficient and responsible way to make our vision a reality.

Is your organization against owning a bird?

That’s a complicated question. We are against caging birds and would like to see breeding for sales stopped.  Sadly, the damage has already been done and many pet birds don’t know how to be birds. They would not survive in the wild. We also understand that there are many great pet bird parents out there who genuinely love their birds & have a strong bond with them. Many birds, especially parrots, bond to one person and are devastated when taken away.  Consequently, they spend most of their lives in a cage, waiting for their owner to come home. Knowing that, yes, we are against keeping a bird in a small cage most of their day.  For the average pet bird, ownership is wrong. The lifespan of these animals are comparable to humans. Therefore, realistically, we know that humans have a responsibility to care for companion birds who cannot be reintroduced to the wild. Ideally, our society will wake up, educate themselves, and choose to love birds from a distance, as nature intended.