Sarah and Paul Nihart — Founders

Kayla Voebel

Kayla grew up in Chalmette, a small suburn of New Orleans, Louisiana. She served 8 years in the Louisiana Army National Guard. It was during her time in the National Guard, while deployed to the BP Oil Spill cleanup effort, that she developed a deep passion for wildlife conservation and refuge. “As a soldier, you’re trained to be strong and rather emotionless while on duty. That was so difficult as I stood on the beach covered with dead sea turtles, birds, and dolfins. I saw the innocense in their eyes and it was heart wrenching.”  

Kayla now lives in Hammond, Louisiana, with her husband and 4 beautiful children. She is working on her degree in Early Childhood Education at night Southeastern Louisiana University. 

Kari Jones

Kari was born and raised along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, where she still resides today. She is a stay at home mother to her 6 year old son and 3 month old daughter. Kari loves all animals and she was the first person I thought of when starting this mission.

She is a natural animal activist who eagerly jumps into action anytime she sees animal in need. She is the kind of person who will stop an interstate full of traffic to ensure a possum gets back to safety- with no apologies. If I were to list every act of compassion she has extended to an animal in need, this short bio would turn into a book.

From hand feeding abandoned puppies to fostering and adopting abused cats and dogs, Kari bring an abundance of experience and genuine passion to this cause. She is an advocate for all animals & a true asset to Cut The Cage’s mission.

Shannah Newkirk

Shannah lives in sunny Naples, Florida, where birds are a common household pet. She is one of the many people who have been touched and enlightened by Gogo’s story.

She’s certainly meets our boards core requirement as an animal lover who has always had pet cats and dogs. Even as a child, she always wanted a pet bird. Like so many others, she considered the vocal abilities and beauty of parrots to be quite appealing. Gogo opened her eyes to the truth- birds should never be caged. As a Real Estate Agent, by profession, Shannah brings practical business and financial knowledge Cut the Cage’s board.