We’ve all heard the inspirational quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. I tell it to my 13 year old all the time. But for so long, I wasn’t applying it to my own life. I can’t count the number of times one of my children’s friends were over, saw Gogo (our pet parrot), and said, “I want a bird!”. I’ve been on the phone, with Gogo chatting away in the background, and had friends or acquaintances also express their interest in having a pet parrot. Those words seem to trigger my anti-captivity rant. It also made me realize just how uneducated our society really is about pet birds.

I don’t think bird owners buy a bird with evil intentions. To the contrary, they just love birds! This problem all comes down to a lack of knowledge or true understanding as to what owning a bird entails. I know the average owner doesn’t want to inflict the emotional suffering that their beloved bird is certain to experience. Pet birds are the 3rd most popular pet in the United States. Yet there is so little information given by sellers. It’s a lucrative industry; breeders aren’t going to explain that birds don’t make good pets. This all comes down to a lack of education. Let’s get the word out and materialize our ultimate goal… Let’s allow birds to be birds! Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world! We need to stop owning birds! You don’t want a pet bird- not because they aren’t wonderful, intelligent, amazing creatures, but because they are! 

Born into captivity and fate sealed in captivity by losing a leg from a dog attack, our parrot, Gogo, is now dependent on human charity for his survival.

What is our ultimate vision?

When I close my eyes and picture the perfect sanctuary for birds who cannot be reintegrated into the wild, I picture a bird island paradise. An island with trees, lush foliage, and plants that wild birds would enjoy in their natural habitat. It’s a similar concept to seaside pens for orcas who would not make it in the wild. The island would still be staffed with humans for birds who seek to keep that bond. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s a huge project and most of my friends think I’m being a bit unrealistic. I think it’s because they underestimate the power of our passion and determination to do the right thing. I think we can do this, but we don’t have to wait until we can afford an island. We can start now!

Although I think of an island as the ideal place, doesn’t mean there aren’t more feasible alternatives. Our goal is to raise enough funds to purchase land and build a safe sanctuary that can offer the closest we can get to being in the wild that we can possibly offer. It would be fenced off for protection against predators, but so large and tall that our birds will be able to fly free! So many birds deserve a better life. They should be allowed to fly from tree to tree, play with other compatible birds, and enjoy being birds in an outdoor environment. 

We appreciate all donations, but even if you cannot contribute financially, we still need your help! Please like our page and share our posts. Education is key! We also welcome your advise and feedback. Do you have some ideas for the sanctuary or for expanding our organization? Join us – it’s going to be an amazing journey!